The Convince Her Manual energizes your relationships and sex life. 

Why it Works

Above all, the Manual gives you a positive approach.  It's about a more exciting future together, and enhancing relationships. 

Many Happy Couples
"Holy Moly! In less than 24 hours from getting the Manual, to my wife calling surgeons and looking at photos on the Internet with me.  Ivan, I owe you one! I mean, I owe you two!"

John's wife had breast augmentation (475cc) two weeks later at a cosmetic surgery center in Texas. 

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You can do this.
With a positive approach and a strong game plan (the Manual gives you both), your chances of having your wife or girlfriend get breast implants are high. 

Is This Approach Manipulative?

Of course it is. Partners manipulate each other all the time. But it can be an enjoyable experience for you both. Enjoy the game. The goal is that you are both excited to have the operation.

Privacy and Delivery

We never sell or disclose our customers' data.

There is no physical book. Instead, we e-mail you the e-book as a PDF file. If you ever lose or delete it, you can contact us to replace it. 

Guarantee: Your monetary risk is $3. We cannot guarantee your wife will get DD breasts or 1,200cc implants, but only 2 readers out of 7,000 plus have ever asked for a refund. If the Manual doesn't meet your expectations or at least entertain you, we will refund your $17, except for a $3 admin fee. 



Happy Customers


Manuals Sold



Augmentation Good for her?

Your wife or girlfriend will know that when you look at her while making love (and you will have your eyes open), she is the best you can imagine. There is nobody you'd rather be with. 

What kind of man would ask his wife or GF to get implants? 

This is the question that talk-show hosts sometimes ask with a nasty tone. Well, in our experience, our readers are military officers, professors, blue-collar workers and tradesmen, venture capitalists, politicians (we will not tell!), business owners, doctors, authors, and athletes. Some are quite well known.


Is this sexist? Anti-female?
Sexist---sure, no, and who cares. Anti-female, absolutely not! Is it anti-MALE if a woman asks her mate to lift weights and get trim, or to risk his health by working long hours for higher income? Are women sexist if they prefer tall men, or well-endowed men?

Will she be happy with bigger breasts?

Breast augmentation has probably the highest satisfaction rate of all aesthetic surgeries. She will enjoy benefits beyond how great she will look in clothes, such as the intensity in bed. And she will never get another speeding ticket. 

Can bigger breasts backfire?
In truth, yes. When she suddenly is getting a LOT more attention...men are wolves, and everyone who even sees her will remember her for many years. 

What if she already has small breast implants?
Ah, you want more. It's probably going to be much easier, although the emotional shift for her is much less. If she jumps from 300cc to 750cc, she will look different and need new tops, but the seduction process is very similar. 

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